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Neurotoxin injections (e.g. Botox) >

Neurotoxins are injected into the muscles to cause the muscles to relax. This results in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. A very small needle is used to minimize pain, bleeding and bruising. It typically takes 3-7 days for an effect and the full effect can be appreciated at 2 weeks. There is typically no downtime, but rarely clients may have bruising so it is best to not schedule an appointment 1-3 days prior to an important event. Neurotoxin injection typically lasts for 3 months but can be metabolized faster by some individuals. It is best to re-treat every 3-6 months to maintain smooth skin and prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

Injectable Filler >

Fillers are used to add volume and restore youthfulness to the skin. They are made of Hyaluronic Acid which physically plumps the skin and also helps the collagen that is present hold more moisture. Fillers typically last one year and can be dissolved if necessary.

Non Surgical Fat Reduction >

These injections cause lipolysis (destruction of fat cells). The destroyed fat cells are then naturally eliminated from the body. These injections are great for small stubborn areas of fat!

Weight Loss Therapy >

Our weight loss therapy program is designed to help individuals work towards their weight loss goals. This program utilizes prescription medication in conjunction with lifestyle changes.

Our program includes regular follow-up visits with a healthcare provider to monitor progress, adjust medication dosages and address any concerns or side effects. Clients will also be expected to make lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet and increased physical activity.

PDO Threads >

PDO threads are a type of non-surgical cosmetic treatment that helps reverse the visible signs of aging. Lifting threads are able to lift and tighten and improve the contour of the skin. Smooth threads are able to smooth our wrinkles and scars. The threads are completely absorbed by your body in 4-6 months. As the thread is dissolved it will leave collagen in it’s place. The results last for 18 months or more.

Skin Tightening / Skin Rejuvenation >

The Pix:E is the new standard of care for skin rejuvenation. Pix:E can treat Skin laxity, crepiness, tone and texture, pore size, sun damage, stretch marks, hypertrophic scars and acne scars.