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Cheek & Jowl Lift >

If you’re bothered by low-hanging jowls but aren’t ready for surgery, a polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift might be the solution you need. During this procedure small barbed threads are inserted under the skin. They anchor in place and are able to pull the skin up and back. As the PDO thread dissolves it stimulates your body to make more collagen. This will create fullness and smoother skin.

2 hours –

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Glabellar Treatment (area between eyebrows) >

Glabellar lines (11’s) can make one look more stern, serious or even downright depressed, but luckily they are treatable! This non-surgical treatment is great for patients that have deep wrinkles that cannot be treated with neuromodulators.

30 minutes –

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Under Eye Treatment >

The PDO thread under eye treatment will help lift eye bags and regenerate and tighten the skin. During a thread treatment the practitioner will use a fine needle to insert small sutures underneath the layer of the skin. This suture is as thick as a single piece of hair. PDO threads dissolve after about 6 months but the threads are replaced with collagen so results last as long as 18 months.

45 minutes –

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Vertical lip lines (Smoker’s lines) >

PDO threads for smokers lines are ideal and target the upper lip area for a more rejuvenated look. PDO threads are inserted under the skin. As they dissolve collagen grows in place of the thread. This helps diminish wrinkles and makes skin more plump and youthful.

45 minutes –

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Neck Lift >

The PDO thread lift in the neck helps to reverse the signs of aging and give a more youthful look. The thread dissolves in 6 months but results can last anywhere from 1-3 years. If you are looking for a non-surgical way to have a firmer, younger looking neck then this is the idea l flight for you.

45 minutes –

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Free Consultation - PDO Threads >

Unsure which treatment to choose ? Book a free consultation to find out!

1 hour –

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